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Filter Bubble - Google and Facebook Relevancy Theory

Filter Bubble

                         filter bubble


   filter bubble

What is internet to us?

It means connection of  people around the world and they end up getting valuable information which is common to everyone.
My definition to internet is connection to the  world , it meant that we connect us all together. I was sure at that time that it would be great for democracy and for our society.

There is this kind of a shift how the information is flowing online and it is invisible. It could be a real problem if we don't pay attention to it.
Google and Facebook are doing algorithmic editing on the web.


                                                      filter bubble

The most trusted web search engine is Google and we believe in it  . But actually , we get very different search results for same searches on different places.
Even when you are logged out, there are 57 signals that Google looks .Some of them are: 
·        What kind of  Computer you are using.
·        What kind of  browser  you are using.
·        Where are you located.

filter bubble

They use these to personally tailor your search results.

Think about it , there is no standard Google any more.
Internet is showing us what it thinks what we want to see and not necessarily what we need to see.

                                 filter bubble

“It will be very hard for people to watch or consume something that has not in some sense been tailored foe them.”
-Eric Schmidt, Google

Filter Bubble

                         filter bubble

If you take all of this filters together and all of these algorithms , you will get a  'filter bubble'.
It is your personal unique universe of information that you live in online.
And what is in your filter bubble depends on who you are depends on what you do.
And the thing is that you don't decide what gets in and more importantly you don't actually see what gets edited out.

There should be a balance in algorithms regarding search results .


                                                                        filter bubble

Even Facebook does some  personalisation for us in which it disappears the news feed of conservative friends and shows only news feed related to our liberal friends only. Actually Facebook  looks at which links we clicks on and it notices that we clicks more on which friends news feeds . Generally we click to our liberal friends rather than conservative friends and then without consulting us about it, it edits out the news feed of  conservative friends. This is all because of filter bubbles.

“A squirrel dying in front of your house may be more relevant to your interests right now than people dying in Africa.”
- Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook


                                                          filter bubble

These algorithmic filters or filter bubbles mainly checks at what you click on first and it actually throw off that balance.
Instead of balanced information you may end up getting informational junk foods.

 This is not just  Facebook and Google either, this is just sweeping the web and there is whole host of companies doing these kinds of personalisation. Yahoo news is also personalised.

It suggests that we may have the story about internet wrong and the broadcast societies control the flows of information.
In actual ,we want to connect together and see with the world .

But that is not happening !!!

We are passing on the torch from human gate keepers  to the algorithms ones and they can’t decide everything.
If algorithms are going to decide what we get to see and what we don't get to see.
We need to make sure that they are not keen  to relevant but we also want to see things that are uncomfortable.

filter bubble

Actually we need better algorithms or better gatekeepers.
We need to see what gets through the filter and we must decide what gets through and what does not through these filter bubbles.

We really need the internet to be standard and not what these algorithms seems relevant to us.We need it to connect us all together.
We need it to introduce us with new ideas and new people and different prospectives
It is not going to do that if it leaves this all isolated in a web of one.

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 filter bubble

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